Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost Half A Year Has Gone By Since My Last Post!

How pathetic that it's been 4 months since I last posted! Life has been pretty darn grand here at the Imbler household I'm happy to report!

The boys and I had a fabulous summer, doing a lot of fun things like going camping, vacation bible sc
hool, to visit my parents in Sac, water park, SeaWorld with friends, swim lessons, hanging with friends, soccer camp, fair, etc.
Now Luke is in kindergarten, playing soccer and trying Tae Kwon Do and Jake has one more year of preschool and is also trying Tae Kwon Do. The boys are happy and healthy and keep me on my toes and are a lot of fun.

As for me, I've met the love of my life recently. Needless to say, I couldn't be happier!!! I never knew love could be this sweet! He is everything and more than I ever dreamed!
When not daydreaming about Tom (LOL) I was able to get several home improvement projects completed as well. The biggest over haul was my guest bathroom that still had the original 1960's pink tub and sink. I gutted it and started from scratch. Although the tiling, electrical and plumbing were done by professionals I did most of the demo and all the patching and painting. Looks, feels and functions wonderfully!

Even got a Vegas trip in with the girls before the boys headed back to school. I'll just simply say "we tore it up!!!"
That's all for now. I'll be back to post soon!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Playing in the rain a few weeks ago. Think they were having a good time?

So Jakey started taking piano lessons. Who knows, we might have the next Mozart on our hands. However, personality speaking he seems to be on the Animal, from The Muppets, musical track right now.

And our little violinist! So cute, so little!

I took Luke to the driving range (with his titanium clubs, no less) this week for the first time. The kid is a natural...nailed it about 50 yards AND straight!

And his sidekick "Jake-I-Don't-Care-What-You-Think" came dressed in this 'get up'...Notice my hairband he's wearing under his left arm & over the shoulder...this plus the snow hat with sunglasses (worn over the hat) in 75 degree weather...hmmm, interesting golf attire Jake!! Gotta love him!

Fun at Gull Wings Museum with Jen and the girls today!

Rare sighting...No, not the sea creatures but Jake so sweet, angelic and gentle!! LOL

Just a little bakin' in the backyard...

Hmmm, mudpie, my favorite!!

This pic cracks me up...does Jake epitomize the typical boy or what here?!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Better Days Ahead!

How often does life throw us a loop...some present and mend themselves swiftly while others seem as endless challenges or struggles. But to embrace both the good and bad with a sense of 'expectancy' rather than specific controlled (and most likely disappointing) expectations then hope remains for greater things to come...

And THAT my friends is my inspirational memoir of the day! :) Stay grounded, look to God for growth as he's the only sustaining, unconditional, love-giving absolute in life!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We took the plunge over the 3-day weekend and hit Disneyland! Drove down Sat. night in the pouring rain but forecast promised clear skies the next day so we trudged through. Thankfully we did because Sunday was a gorgeous! Yes, the crowds were out in full force but we got up early, ate breakfast at the hotel and were at the park by 9:15am. We didn't have to wait in too long for any ride. Boys were great, no meltdowns believe it or not til the very end...and that was just due to a long day!

This is actually the last photo of the day and Jake wanted no part of anymore photos.

Sweet Lukey!

I think this was Jake's favorite ride, he was smiling ear to ear the entire time...(all of 2 minutes that we were on the ride that is!)

Gotcha, finally snapped a pic of the little bugger before he hid behind Mickey!

Luke was timid but so sweet; Jake couldn't have cared less to visit the princesses. We didn't even know any of their names...all we knew was they were pretty princesses!

Jakey kept him, Luke and a bunch of other kids busy running after bubbles out of his "spy bubble gun"!

On the day's menu...cotton candy, iced lemonade, pizza, pretzels, lollipops and chocolate milk...oh, yeah and a Diet Coke for mom!

Fun, fun, fun!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Well Santa brought Jake exactly what he wanted...spy glasses...and more, infrared binoculars, a nerf gun, a vest to spy to hold all his ammo AND a light saber. Don't let the tough guy look fool you...he's a happy little boy. Sleeping in this outfit as I type...minus the hardware!

Christmas Day ride into Ojai. Was gorgeous but a tad chilly on the return.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Apologizes...

Hello Friends, It's been tooooo long. I'm sorry I have been so lazy about blogging! After a little coaxing from my dear friend Jen I'm BACK! Below are a few shots of the boys and fun times we've had the past few weeks.
Walk on the Ventura pier

We are getting our money's worth this year with Jake's costume-wearing habits. In the past month or so Jake has chosen to wear one costume or another to church, to sleep, to school, to the grocery name it, he's in costume AND this kid has no shame in his game! Above is a witches costume from last year that he swears is a ninja costume.
This delightful little number makes Jake into Master Dan the Bakugan trainer. He went into Target as Batman and came out as Master Dan (well he changed in the back of my car...just like a real super hero)!!

Jake is fabulous at playing by himself! Here he not only enjoyed getting dirty but obviously stretching his muscles too...maybe I should sign him up for kid yoga!

Luke's sand angel masterpiece

My little loves!